Our Story

 I started my fitness journey 8 years ago after feeling uncomfortable with who I was and how I looked. While it is not always easy to get started, rather than feel sorry for myself, I made the decision to do something about it. I started out by trying different foods and workout programs however as time went on, I quickly grew bored of my gym routine.

Why does one workout? Not only to be in better shape and be healthier, but we want to look and feel good. With this thought and in an effort to remain motivated, I thought it would help if I looked into things that would inspire me; whether that was a new pair of headphones or buying new gym shoes or activewear! I soon realized, the feeling of looking good was the encouragement I needed to keep me motivated, regardless if I had not yet met my fitness goals.

As I began my journey and as we all know, social media was born and with Instagram growing in popularity, I found myself posting to keep me accountable. From there the hashtag #SummerIsComing was born. I used this hashtag to boost my own self-encouragement and to keep me going for what was to come. #SummerIsComing quickly became my niche’, so much that friends and family began to use it and encouraged me to pursue my newfound motto in a way that could also help others.

 One thing people know about me is that I am a sucker for a matching set! Whether dressing up, being casual or at the gym, what I wear matters to me and makes me feel good – and I when I feel good, I do good.

Fitness and health has become one of my greatest passions and SIC Fitness is a culmination of the last 8 years and all my hard work coming to life. I truly hope that when you wear my pieces that you feel inspired and fall deeply in love with YOURSELF. I truly believe the action of self-love creates an easier pathway to spread love to others. 

On top of that, Summer is ALWAYS coming, once a year that is. Spend time on yourself so that when summer comes you look good, you feel good and are ready to go out and do great!


Shawneice Johnson